Will I really get my requested inventory every time I go on vacation?
Renaissance Travel Membership can NOT guarantee your requested inventory as it is based on availability. With this said, our members have the ability to request their inventory from 72 hours up to one full year in advance. The private Vacation Club has been satisfying their members since 1986. If you are concerned whether or not there will be inventory available, contact us to schedule a private tour of the membership site.
How nice are the resorts?
Most resorts are 3-4 star quality. As a member you will also find some nice 5 star properties. These rooms are not rooms facing brick walls, but rather prime views in 1,2, or 3 bedroom suites. Suites usually include a full kitchen, living area, and laundry. Weekly room rates (includes all taxes) range between $298 - $799 per week....never more. There are no hidden costs....everything is up front and guaranteed.
Does Renaissance Travel Membership offer discounts on airfare and cruise, and car rentals?
Yes Renaissance Travel Membership members receive "Additional Travel Discounts"such as:
  • Incredible Airfare deals
  • 'Amazing' Car Rental discounts
  • Hotel discounts worldwide
  • Fabulous Cruise Discounts
Are there black out dates or any restrictions?
There are NO blackout dates and there are NO restrictions.
How can Renaissance Travel Membership charge so little for a 5 star resort?
It's simple, all major resorts hate empty rooms! To help fill rooms, specials are offered to exclusive members through companies like Renaissance Travel Membership called "excess inventory".
Back-end revenue!
Keeping high occupancy rates has several benefits. The resorts still have revenue coming in, even if the rates are discounted.  And, the most significant benefit is the "back-end" revenue. The resorts make a lot of money from their restaurants, bars, activities, spas, souvenir shops, etc.
What are Hot Weeks?
Hot weeks are available to RTM members only at one low price of $298/week for platinum members and $398/week for gold members. Hot weeks are always available even during peak season. Hot Weeks are a wonderful perk of being a RTM member! There are always hundreds available at any given time.
What are Guest Weeks?
Platinum members have access to unlimited guest weeks per year. The guest weeks are available from $399 to $799/week. Members can purchase a guest week and give it away to a family member or friend. They can pay you for the week or you can give it away as a gift. A Guest week makes an awesome wedding gift for a family member. Guest weeks can be found at any of the 5,000 + resorts worldwide.
Are there any restrictions on guest weeks that I can buy for family or friends?
What you see is what you get. The restrictions for guests weeks are major holidays and July and August.
Can I book consecutive weeks at the same resort?
yes, you make book up to 52 consecutive weeks a year at the same resort or 5000+ other resorts based on availability, your budget, and time.
What are the "hidden" charges?
like the question above, the hotel/resort will charge all guests additional fees, not just GRN guests. Some of the additional fees could be as follows:
  • All-Inclusive option
  • National Park fees
  • Government Tax
  • Utility Surcharge
Only a select few charge the above additional fees which our members are fully aware of before they complete their booking.
What type of payment is accepted?
Direct Deposit (Bank of America) Bank Wire Online Check (3-8 days processing) Cashiers Check Moneyorder Visa or Mastercard  (7-10 days processing) Renaissance Travel Membership - Payment MethodRenaissance Travel Membership - Payment Method
Can I purchase this membership directly through Renaissance Travel Membership?
No. Renaissance Travel does not sell this membership directly. All memberships must be purchased through an independent distributor like this one.